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Hair removal for women is a very important aspect of our personal care. Having hair-free skin gives us the freedom to choose any type of clothing without worrying about ingrown hairs on the legs, dark underarms , or irritation in the bikini area when wearing a swimsuit.

Unfortunately, all of these problems occur with conventional hair removal methods. Trust me, I've tried them all. But since I discovered laser hair removal, my life has changed, my skin looks smooth, radiant, and I am much more confident in myself. Now I don't have to shave daily, which, in addition to damaging and irritating my skin, saves me valuable time to focus my attention on more important and pleasant things such as my family, partner, friends, children, fun and work.

But laser hair removal has a problem, the high cost that professional beauty salons charge. For this reason, it is very common for women to choose only one or two areas of the body for treatment, and not all the areas they need. However, we currently have the advantage that there are devices for home use, such as “ IPL Benndy hair removal". The light intensity of this epilating machine is much lower than those used in a beauty salon, which makes it a safe device to use at home and allows effective treatment at a very low cost.

In this blog, we will explain everything you need to know about laser hair removal and the advantages over traditional methods.


hair growtg cycle

What is IPL and how does it work?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This flash is absorbed by the melanin present in the hair follicle, breaking the hair regrowth cycle. Melanin is a pigment that gives color to skin and hair.

The hair growth cycle consists of 3 stages:

Anagen: It is the growth phase, at this time the hair is still attached to the blood vessels and the dermal papilla, which is responsible for the nutrition and growth of the hair. At this stage the hair is thicker and contains more melanin.

Catagen: Hair stops growing, the hair root detaches from the dermal papilla and becomes finer

Telogen: It is a resting phase, the hair falls out to allow the growth of new hair through the hair follicle


The IPL works only in the Anagen stage, because in this phase the hair has more melanin and is attached to the dermal papilla. The pulsed light passes through the hair to the root and dermal papilla, inactivating it for a long period of time.

At least between 75% and 85% of the body hair is in the anagen phase, for this reason, it is not possible to perform the IPL treatment in a single application. Several sessions are needed to ensure that when applying the light, the hair is in this phase. The hair growth cycle is different in each person and varies according to the area of the body, it can also be affected by genetics, metabolic, hormonal factors, etc. For this reason, the number of sessions can vary from person to person, but usually, the duration is approximately 8-10 sessions.



It is not permanent, some dermal papilla reactivate after a long period of time, for this reason 1 or 2 maintenance sessions should be performed every 4 months or when required. It´s not permanent, but slows the hair growth cycle significantly.


ipl skin hair tone

Does it work for all skin and hair tones?

Melanin is the pigment that gives color to the skin and hair. There are two types:

  • Pheomelanins: Provide a light pigmentation (yellow or reddish)
  • Eumelanins: Provide a dark pigmentation (black or brown)


 Laser hair removal works by absorbing the eumelanin present in the root of the hair, for this reason, it is not possible to apply the IPL treatment on people with red, light blonde or gray hair, only on dark hair.

The IPL treatment is also not suitable for people with dark skin tone, because the laser can be attracted by the high amount of eumelanins present in this type of skin, and cause burns.



It is necessary to shave before the treatment, this allows the light to reach the root of the hair and not be diluted along the way. Avoid waxing or plucking, because if the hair is removed by the roots, the treatment will not work. It is also not recommended to use depilatory creams because these can cause skin irritations and the treatment cannot be applied.

During the treatment, make sure there is a small overlap between applications to avoid leaving areas untreated. At the end, apply an aloe vera gel on the treated area.

The first 4 treatments will be every week, and after this period, only once a month. Approximately 8 to 12 applications are necessary, this depends on the area to be treated and the genetics of the person.

You can shave between treatments if required

Once the treatment is finished you can use the IPL Benndy Hair Removal every 4 to 6 months, or when required



Yes, it is a safe method, as long as the recommendations are followed, such as wearing protective glasses when using the device, using in the right skin tone, do not apply to irritated skin, etc. It is always necessary to test a small area before use and wait 24 hours to check for any adverse effects.



The intensity of light used in professional beauty salons is higher, for this reason, the devices must be handled by professionals because their incorrect use can cause pain and burns. On the other hand, those for home like IPL Benndy Hair removal use are designed with a lower light intensity so that they are totally safe to use. Despite this, it has excellent results, and it is much cheaper than going to a beauty salon.


What precautions should I take when applying the IPL Benndy Hair Removal?

  • ✓ Apply it on the right skin tone and hair
  • ✓ Perform a skin test: Choose a hair-free area close to the area to be treated and apply a flash at the lowest intensity level, wait 24 hours and check your skin for any reaction.
  • ✓ If you experience any pain, reduce the intensity level
  • ✓ Do not perform the treatment if the skin is irritated, broken, infected or burned. Do not treat areas with tattoos.
  • ✓ Wait 48 hours after sunbathing to perform the treatment. Do not use the device on sunburned skin. Do not expose the treated areas to the sun for two weeks, cover them or use a sunblock.
  • ✓ Do not perform this hair removal treatment if you are pregnant or have dental implants
  • ✓ Do not treat the same area several times in the same session, this can cause adverse skin reactions
  • ✓ Remove any chemicals from the skin prior to treatment, such as makeup or deodorant


Advantages over other hair removal methods.

  1. ✓ Eliminate the possibility of ingrown hairs
  2. ✓ The skin of the armpits and the rest of the areas improves considerably, since frequent use of the razor tends to damage the skin
  3. ✓ It is not expensive compared to doing it in a professional beauty salon
  4. ✓ It is not painful like waxing
  5. ✓ You don't need to grow your hair like other hair removal methods
  6. ✓ You can spend months with hair-free skin, and when it grows back it will be finer and less dense, with one or two applications it will disappear
  7. ✓ It gives you the freedom to wear the clothes you want whenever you want, you will no longer have to think about not wearing that skirt or that tank top because you are not shaved. Your skin will always be silky and radiant.




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